Online Business Book Club : Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women and the Way Forward By Gemma Hartley

17 Jul 2019
12:00pm - 1:00pm PDT

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17 Jul 2019
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17 Jul 2019
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What’s the book this month? Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women and the Way Forward

By Gemma Hartley

Day in, day out, women anticipate and manage the needs of others. In relationships, we initiate the hard conversations. At home, we shoulder the mental load required to keep our households running. At work, we moderate our tone, explaining patiently and speaking softly. In the world, we step gingerly to keep ourselves safe. We do this largely invisible, draining work whether we want to or not—and we never clock out. No wonder women everywhere are overtaxed, exhausted, and simply fed up.

In Fed Up, Hartley expands outward from the everyday frustrations of performing thankless emotional labor to illuminate how the expectation to do this work in all arenas—private and public—fuels gender inequality, limits our opportunities, steals our time, and adversely affects the quality of our lives.


What happens at the BAM Book Club?

- Lively and engaging facilitated discussion

- You will feel less alone, find some new biz pals and feed your biz soul

- Work. You’ll be working on your business instead of in your business and will gain insight, skills and ideas to take you to the next level

- Individual reflection time to put ideas into play

- You will get to take your expert hat off and put your learner hat on


What’s the bare minimum to be involved?

- All you need to do is read the introduction and first 3 chapters (at least)

- Be prepared to NOT give advice

- Find a favorite quote from the book to share with the group


Where are we meeting?

Several of our local chapters facilitate their own book club meet ups, and we don't want any of you to miss out! Join us for an online discussion and have the benefits of networking and support without leaving your home or office!


Meet via Zoom Video Conference:


We cannot wait to see you!


Julie Fry


17 Jul 2019
12:00pm - 1:00pm PDT

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