About The Polytech

The Polytech is a private school for grades 11-12 and recent grads that connects high school to a career pathway, enabling students earn college credits, industry certificates, and a high school diploma all at the same time. Through small group and one-on-one instruction, we support our students throughout every step, building soft skills and confidence as well as academic skills. 

Products & Services

The Polytech offers a variety of classes and services to students ages 16-26, and specializes in customizing education programs. If you are looking for help with anything not listed here, please come talk to us for ways we might help or a referral to another education professional.

  • Full-time private school - For students in grades 11-12, The Polytech provides instruction in all subjects required for graduation as well as highly specialized training in healthcare, business & IT, engineering, manufacturing, and education sectors.  Students may earn high school credits at The Polytech campus in small group (up to 6 students) and one-on-one instruction, or attend a local college campus to earn college credits with support from Polytech staff.
  • Individual credit courses - For students in grades 9-12 and college, The Polytech offers individual credits in all academic subjects at both the high school and college levels. The Polytech issues a transcript documenting the grade earned (letter grades for high school and P/F grades for college) that can be transferred to another education program or school.
  • Tutoring - Our teachers are available to assist students with high school and college assignments in math, English, social studies, Spanish, and science as well as many advanced career program courses in healthcare and IT.  We also offer strategy instruction to increase executive function skills and improve organization, planning, scheduling, and other essential skills for college and career success.
  • Career interest assessments - Many students are uncertain what to do after graduation, and The Polytech can help! We offer a series of interest inventories that help sift out careers the student would like, careers that match well with the student's skills, and the working environment most preferred. The overlap of these 3 factors often yields many choices, and helps determine future steps.
  • Education consulting - Our staff have master's degrees and higher, as well as extensive experience working with special needs including learning disabilities, attention disorders, highly gifted and twice exceptional, neurodiversity and autism, and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.  We can assist with understanding and accessing support services, scholarships/post-secondary funding, and other pieces of the transition into college, career, and adulthood.


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