About Puddles Barkery

It all started with my dog Kora, a picky husky who lives for adventures. Since she is picky in the treats she likes, I wanted to give her the healthiest (with no preservatives or artificial colors) and tastiest treats so I came up with the recipes myself! We have a great selection of treats including Cannoli and Mini Pupcakes, but our crown jewel is our custom dog cakes. Create the perfect celebration for your pup by designing a Carrot & Cheddar cake with our own frosting: cream cheese, peanut butter and chicken broth. 

Products & Services

Our biscuit treats are soft and easy to tear, ideal for small dogs or dogs with dental issues. Dogs love our Bakin' Bites made with bacon pieces and pumpkin seeds. The Milo & Oats are vegan, no animal products used. The Mini Pupcakes are gluten-free, made with rice flour. The Cannoli are carob treats with a cream-filling. We have personal dog cakes in a circle, star, or heart. The cakes are frosted and can also be decorated with frosting designs or carob chip designs.

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1428 NW 59th St

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