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I have loved graphic design ever since I found out it was a thing as a freshman in college. In fact, I used to love stationery stores, paper and pens as a child so maybe it was always meant to be. I studied at the University of Oregon and graduated with an Art major, specializing in Graphic Design and a French minor in 1986.

Since then I have worked in Boston doing environmental graphics, in LA doing advertising then video packaging at design firms with clients like MGM, Paramount and Warner Bros. I moved to Seattle in 1992 and began working for Aldus which merged with Adobe Systems where I was on staff as a Senior Designer in the Creative Services department, doing everything from software packaging to direct mail pieces, as well as the very first iterations of their website. It was a lot of fun learning about the software industry and having designers like myself as my target market.

When Adobe laid off the entire department, I struck out on my own and that is the work you see in this website portfolio. I have had a variety of clients over my 30+ year career. I strive to create graphics that are pleasing to look at while clearly communicating the information the piece needs to get across. Graphic design is creating a visual representation of thoughts and ideas. If done well, it is a marriage of beauty and clarity.

When I’m not designing logos in my head and finding every typo on a restaurant menu, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, my teenagers and my sweet cockapoo. I am also founder of The Permanent Remission Project, my passion project to help cancer survivors regain their strength in body, mind and spirit through the teachings in my book, WTF?! I Have Cancer?

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Your brand is not just your logo, font and colors. It is the culture of your business, your mission, and how people feel interacting with every phase of doing business with you. From seeing your posts on social media, receiving your proposal, delivery of your product to opening your invoice or newsletter, it all needs to reflect your brand. The look of every element of your business should be consistent with that messaging, that way you want your customer to feel about doing business with you.

I can help you create that vision, help write your mission statement, pick the colors and fonts that work for what you are putting out to the world, plus create all the pieces for your business from logo to website to social media memes.

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