About Imperfect Produce

At Imperfect, we're working to eliminate food waste and 
build a better food system for everyone.

We believe that food is food, no matter what it looks like. We believe that everyone deserves access to healthy food, regardless of income. And we believe that by changing the way we eat and think about food, we can make the world a little better.

With each and every box, our customers are helping us:


Recover “ugly” produce

20 billion pounds of produce go to waste on farms every year, often because it's too "ugly" for grocery stores' strict cosmetic standards [1]. We source and deliver this ugly produce to your door.

Recover "imperfect" foods

While our food system is imperfect and there are gaps within the supply chain, we make sure perfectly nutritious and delicious food no longer falls through the cracks. By sourcing products that are undervalued, are close to a "best by" date, have out-dated packaging, and are otherwise unable to be sold through traditional outlets, we are able to recover more food and deliver straight to your door.

Reduce hunger

We make fresh produce more affordable and accessible for everyone, which is why our produce typically costs around 30% less than grocery store prices. We also offer a Reduced-Cost Box for anyone who qualifies for SNAP benefits and partner with food banks across?the country to donate thousands of pounds of fresh produce every week.

Raise awareness

Food waste is a massive problem with massive ?implications on our environment. Wasted food ?currentlygobbles up a staggering 1/5 of our water supply, accounts for 1/5 of our landfill volume [2], and is one of the top contributors to ?climate change [3]. By spreading the word and ?empowering our community with the facts, we’re inviting everyone to be part of its solution.

Support farmers and producers

Historically, farmers have had to either leave their ugly and surplus produce in the field or sell it for pennies on the dollar to become processed food or animal feed. We offer farmers a better option, where their produce can help feed the people who need it most and they can earn more money.  We are able to help producers in the same way by making sure their products are not stranded in the warehouse or worse, end up in a dumpster, so they can earn the full value of the hard work they put into making the product.

Create good jobs

We believe in investing in our people. From our warehouse employees to our drivers who deliver your boxes, all of our jobs pay at the 75th percentile or higher and every full time employee is offered full benefits, bonuses, and an equity stake in the company.

Celebrate imperfections

Our community believes that produce should? be judged by how delicious it tastes, not by how flawless its skin is. We’re working hard to change the conversation in our food system so we can ?see the beauty in everything that we grow and value it down to the last bite.

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